This Is The First City In America To Have A 100% LGBTQ City Council


The city of Palm Springs, California has taken a clear progressive stance on equality. For the first time, the city council will be made up entirely of LGBTQ representatives.

During last week's election, Palm Springs elected both Lisa Middleton, a transgender woman, and Christy Holstege, a bisexual woman, to the council. They will join two gay council members and the city's gay mayor, Robert Moon.

2017 was marked with the election of several "firsts": Ravinder Bhalla, the first Sikh Mayor in U.S. History; Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, the first Latinas in the Virginia State House; Andrea Jenkins, the first (openly running) transgender State Representative in U.S. History; and Vi Lyles, the first Black Woman Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina.

But Palm Springs took equality and inclusivity to a whole new level by choosing to be represented by a 100% LGBTQ city council.

An estimated 50% of Palm Springs' population identifies as LGBTQ, and the city even received a 100 scorecard on the Human Rights Campaign's 2017 Municipal Equality Index.

It's only a matter of time before the rest of America continues to make voting history in elections to come.