There’s A New Fuckboy In Town: Meet The Wokeboy

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He's a wolf in feminist's clothing.

It's not exactly a secret that I'm a sapiosexual.

Brains > Looks, all day long.

I'm attracted to a man's intellect way more than his physical appearance. To me, a good mental exchange is just as satisfying as a good physical exchange.

Any man I date has to be smart, curious, and — most importantly — unafraid of fiery women. Men of quality don't fear equality.

So when a man like Matt McGorry or Justin Trudeau proudly calls himself a feminist, it gives me a total lady-boner.

With the feminist awakening and Women's Marches occurring in Trump-era America, fuckboys have caught onto the real reason women find these men irresistible: they'e woke.

But the Wokeboy isn't really woke. He wears a pink pussy hat and carries a feminist sign to the Women's March, but he's really only there to pick up girls.

He's nothing more than a wolf in feminist's clothing. He's disingenuous in his activism, pretending to be a female ally fighting for gender equality, while secretly basking in the attention he gets from pretty, liberal ladies.

He'll proudly proclaim he was with her and voted for Hillary, but in reality he didn't even vote.

He'll tell you he supports women's reproductive rights, but won't help you pay for condoms or birth control pills.

He'll even applaud you on your sexual liberation in hopes of getting a blow job, but will refuse to go down on you.

The Wokeboy doesn't respect women — he simply puts up the illusion of respect.

A real male feminist will proudly be an ally year-round — not just when he's horny for a social justice warrior.

So the next time that poser at the rally in a HeForShe shirt starts screaming, "Her body, her choice!", leave him in the dust.

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