The 10 Best Bras For Every Size, Style & Scenario, As Shown By "Mean Girls"

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"Get in loser. We're going (bra) shopping."

Finding the right bra can be notoriously difficult. With so many sizes, shapes, and styles, it can seem like "the limit does not exist!" Bra shopping can be admittedly overwhelming, so we've created the ultimate bra guide that's sure to be your new breast friend. Show your (mean) girls some love and support by shopping the following fetch looks!

Full Bust & Plus Sized

If your breasts are larger than Gretchen Weiners' secret-filled hair, look no further than the Lace Balconette Bra from Addition Elle. While many women complain of the lack of styles larger-sized bras come in, Addition Elle offers a range of full support bras with delicate lace and pretty patterns.

Price: $55.00

Buy it here.


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Any mean girl who has worn a low quality strapless bra knows the struggles of constantly having to pull it up to keep it from falling down. The Wonderbra Push-Up Strapless Bra is low cut enough to be worn under virtually any strapless dress, and more importantly it remains in place so you don't have to keep readjusting it.

Price: $37.80

Buy it here.

Petite & Push-up

For the women out there whose girls tend to be on the smaller side, a petite push-up bra can give you the right amount of contoured padding to achieve a fuller look. We love this Bombshell Push-Up Bra from Victoria's Secret.

Price: $49.50

Buy it here.

Sports & Workout

Any athlete knows a good sports bra is crucial when getting your sweat on. We recommend this fun and fierce Energy Bra from Lululemon.

Price: $52.00

Buy it here.

Posture & Back Support

If you're on the market for a bra that will correct your posture and give you plenty of back support, look no further than this Posture Corrector Back Support Bra from Leonisa. It's completely wireless (and completely fetch).

Price: $37.00

Buy it here.

Weight Loss

Nothing is more frustrating than constantly having to buy new bras that fit when you're losing weight. With the Rixie Clip Bra Band Tightener from Amazon, you can extend the life of your current bras by shortening the length of the bands.

Price: $12.50

Buy it here.


Let's be honest. Not everyone can afford a wardrobe full of Victoria's Secret lingerie. When you're on a budget, save your money and buy this super cute Floral Lace Bra from ASOS.

Price: $12.90

Buy it here.

Bright & Bold

Some bras are just meant to be seen! Turn heads in this bright and bold contrast bra from Adore Me.

Price: $49.95

Buy it here.

Feminine & Flirty

When you want to get all dolled up and look both girly and glam, throw on this amazing lace push up from Adore Me. We obviously love the color — "on Wednesdays we wear pink!"


Buy it here.


Sometimes, a gal just wants to be comfy! For a cute but casual lingerie choice, try this True Body Triangle Bra with lace accents.

Price: $49.00

Buy it here.


Adhesive, strapless bras have completely changed the type of garments women can comfortably wear without revealing their bras. For a backless bra that won't let you down, try the Maidenform Invisible Bra from Kohl's.

Price: $32.00

Buy it here.

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