Stop Using Pet Names, It's Ruining Your Relationship

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No one wants to be called "pookie-bear" during sex.

Want a happy sex life? Then don't use pet names!

Whether you call your man "love bug" or he calls you "sweetie pie", super-cutesy pet names could be doing more harm than good to your relationship.

So why exactly are pet names so bad for your sex life and your relationship as a whole?

According to relationship author Julienne Davis, "It turns people into an asexual, cuddly teddy-bear toy that you want to spoon with and watch funny movies with and drink hot chocolate with, but it doesn't make you want to shag them!"

That oh-so unsexy nickname you gave your man could be subconsciously making you less and less sexually attracted to him over time. Throw some baby talk into the mix, and you might as well say buh-bye to your sex life for good.

Simply put, pet names make you stop looking at your partner as a sexual being and start making you look at him as a roommate, a cuddle buddy, a teddy bear.

So the next time you have the urge to call your significant other "pookie bear", try something novel and call him by his real first name instead.

That is if you can remember it.

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