Snapchat Tint Brush: How To Change The Color Of Any Object In Your Snap

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Snapchat's new Tint Brush feature will allow you to change the color of any part of your photo with a simple swipe.

What Is The New Snapchat Tint Brush Feature?

With all the recent 2017 Snapchat updates, the popular photo sharing app is looking more like Photoshop everyday. Now users will be able to change the color of any object in their snap with Snapchat's Tint Brush feature. Whether you want to change your lipstick from red to pink or change the sky from blue to purple, the Snapchat Tint Brush will let you "paint" a new color over any object in your photo with one simple swipe.

How To Use The Snapchat Tint Brush Feature:

Using the Snapchat Tint Brush feature is easier than you think. First you take a Snap as usual.


Then click on the scissors icon on the right hand side of the screen.


Next, all you need to do is select the bottom brush icon underneath the icons for the magic stickers, magic eraser and backdrops. Two quick clicks and you're ready!


How To Change The Color Of An Object In Your Snap:

Once you're in the Snapchat Tint Brush tool, you will have to select the desired color you want to change something to using the color bar tool on the right. Slide it up and down until you find the perfect color. Then trace the outline the object whose color you want to change with your finger.


Just like that, your snap will now be recolored!


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