Six Sex Acts You Should Always Ask About Before Doing In Bed

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Consent is sexy!

Whether you're in a committed relationship or having a casual hookup, consent is crucial when it comes to sex.

While you're probably not going to be asking for permission every time you switch positions, there are certain sexual acts that generally require a much clearer affirmation than nonverbal cues.

It's important to understand that not everyone is a Samantha in the sack, so you shouldn't coerce a Charlotte into being one. We've got your guide to the six sex acts you should always ask about before doing in bed!

1. Butt Stuff

Whether you or your partner is curious about trying anal sex, analingus, or any other kind of stimulation back there, you should never just dive right in. Not everyone is into it, and it can be painful without the proper prep work.


Any type of rough sex needs to be discussed beforehand. Whether you're just looking for some light spanking or looking to be tied up and dominated, it's important to set boundaries and come up with a safe word in case someone wants to stop whatever is happening immediately.

3. Fantasy Play

From reenacting your fantasies to roleplaying with different costumes and personas, you need to realize that not everyone is going to like the same things you like. Talking about your steamiest daydreams in a light and playful manner beforehand can help you and your partner explore what you'd both like to try together.

4. Non-Monogamous Sex

Group sex, swinging, and open sexual relationships of any kind require consent and communication from all parties involved. Before you invite someone else into the bedroom, make sure everyone knows exactly what is going on so nobody feels put on the spot, misled, or cheated on.

5. Forgoing Birth Control

Let's face it: sex feels a lot betting when it's skin on skin. But before you skip the condoms altogether, make sure all parties involved are informed about your current sexual health and whether or not any other forms of birth control (such as the pill or an IUD) are being used. Pregnancy and STIs are always risks when having unprotected sex.

6. Using Toys

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, toys can be a great way to add additional excitement and stimulation for all genders. With so many types, it's important to know what your partner does and does not feel comfortable using.

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