Rescue Dog Turns The Tables And Rescues Owner


Sassy the chihuahua lent a helping paw to her owner who fell.

Anyone with elderly relatives has probably worried about one of them falling and getting injured when no one is around to help.

According to the CDC, 1 senior ends up in the ER from falling every 11 seconds, and 1 fatality from falling happens every 19 minutes.

Centers for Disease Control

This scary situation became a reality for one Florida woman who fell behind the bushes outside her home. Luckily she had a helping hand — or should I saw paw?

(Wo)man's best friend came to the rescue when 92-year-old Marie Alexander fell in her yard and couldn't get up. Sassy the chihuahua, whom Marie saved from a shelter, repaid the favor and saved her owner in kind.

When Marie went outside to get the mail, she twisted her ankle and fell backwards. Unable to get up by herself, she was trapped and hidden behind a fence and bushes.

The courageous canine barked for 5 straight hours, running up to every passerby until one couple took notice. By the time they found Marie, she had to be hospitalized due to bruised ribs, bug bites, and dehydration.

Marie made a speedy recovery with her furry friend by her side. Thanks to smart dogs like Sassy, some seniors can sleep soundly knowing they have loyal little heroes watching over their humans.

Watch the full story below.

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