Quotes From Taylor Swift's Trial | Her Testimony Against DJ David Mueller

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Taylor Swift took the stand on Thursday in her trial with David Mueller, the former KYGO radio station DJ.

Taylor Swift's Testimony Against DJ David Mueller

In Swift's testimony against Mueller, the singer accused him of groping her while taking a photograph together before her concert back in 2013.

Based on the quotes from Taylor Swift's trial, it appears that the pop star will not be backing down from her sexual assault allegations anytime soon.

Quotes From Taylor Swift's Trial

First, Swift explained the environment of the meet-and-greet where the photo took place:

Then she explained that she does not blame her bodyguard for the alleged incident:

Swift confidently contradicted Mueller's prior testimony:

When Mueller criticized the singer's character, Swift was unfazed:

The singer asserted that this was unlike any other fan encounter she's ever had:

Swift was unwavering in her account of the alleged assault: Swift refused to be victim-blamed:

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