Clinton's Leads Popular Vote By 2 Million As Trump Prepares To Take Office

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ABC News

Her lead has grown to over 2 million votes as of Wednesday morning.

As more and more popular votes for Hillary Clinton are rolling in, President-Elect Donald Trump is preparing to take over the White House in January.

While the Democratic candidate lost the Electoral College, her Popular Vote lead has grown by over 2 million votes as of Monday morning. With votes still being counted, Trump currently lags behind Clinton at 62,206,395 votes (46.6%) compared to her 64,223,986 votes (48.1%).

This growing lead is coming predominantly from non-swing states, so Clinton will not end up leading Trump in electoral votes. This election's deciding states (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc.) went to Trump by a margin of roughly 860,400 votes.

While Trump was once critical of the Electoral College (calling it a "disaster for democracy"), the President-Elect is singing a different tune now that he benefited from the voting system in question.

"The Electoral College is actually genius in that it brings all states, including the smaller ones, into play," Trump proclaimed in a recent tweet.

H/T: AOL News

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