Over 180 Women Across The U.S. Have Reported Sexual Assault At Massage Envy

Kelsey Dake for BuzzFeed News

The massage franchise is in hot water for failing to prevent sexual misconduct.

BuzzFeed News shocked the country when it published an investigative story that found more than 180 women have filed sexual assault lawsuits, police reports, and state board complaints against Massage Envy spas and employees across the country.

Massage Envy is the country's largest massage franchise, with 1,200 spas nationwide.

Countless woman shared their assault stories with BuzzFeed News, recalling instances of massage therapists assaulting them in the middle of their massage sessions. According to the BuzzFeed report:

"Dozens of women reported digital and oral penetration. One Oregon woman said her massage therapist forced his entire fist into her vagina before ejaculating in her face. In Florida, a woman said she tried to push away her massage therapist as he licked her vagina. Over 100 reported that massage therapists groped their genitals, groped their breasts, or committed other explicit violations, such as the California woman who said she opened her eyes during a prenatal massage to find her massage therapist sucking on her nipple."

Industry experts and lawyers blame Massage Envy's sexual assault problems on the company's flawed business model. The rapidly growing franchise is constantly in need of filling jobs, allowing less-than-qualified candidates to slip through the cracks.

Various Massage Envy employees admitted they were never even trained on what to do when sexual assault allegations or instances occurred. Even more disheartening, massage businesses in most states have no legal obligation to report sexual assault claims made on their premises.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault at a massage facility like Massage Envy, you can file a formal charge with law enforcement or state regulatory boards.