6 Politicians Who Will Give You Major Hope That The Future Is Female


Women belong in the House & the Senate.

Women's rights might be under attack by the Trump Administration and the GOP's anti-women agenda, but there is still hope for feminists.

Several women in politics stand out for fighting hard for a woman's right to choose, for equal pay, for LGBTQ rights, for justice in cases of sexual violence, and more.

The present might seem bleak, but these women politicians that will give feminists and progressives hope for the future:

Tammy Duckworth

Duckworth is the second female senator in Illinois history. She lost her legs while fighting in the Iraq War and is a huge advocate for women's rights and gun control.

Kamala Harris

Harris is the second black woman to serve in the Senate and the first Indian-American senator in American history. She is a huge advocate for universal healthcare and is co-sponsoring Bernie Sanders' single-payer healthcare bill.

Catherine Cortez Masto

Cortez Masto is the country's first Latina senator. She vehemently opposes Trump's plan to build a border wall and end DACA, and she has vocally defended Dreamers rights to live in this country as full citizens.

Ilhan Omar

Omar is a refugee, a Muslim, and the first Somali-American woman lawmaker. She vocally criticizes President Trump and has spoken out against police brutality, supporting the NFL's take a knee protest.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is the outspoken Massachusetts Senator who has gained immense popularity among progressives for speaking out about increasing taxation on the rich, gun control, and women's equality in the workplace.

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Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand is a New York Senator who is a dedicated advocate for women and supporter of organizations like Planned Parenthood. She also supports immediate action on gun control and is a co-sponsor with Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All legislation.

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