#MeAt14 Is A Trending Reminder That 14-Year-Olds Are Unable To Consent


Twitter is going after pedophiles in a powerful way.

The hashtag #MeAt14 is trending on Twitter as a powerful reminder that 14-year-olds are children who cannot consent to sex with adults.

Roy Moore, the GOP candidate for Alabama Senator, has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers, including a 14-year-old girls when he was 32.

Refusing to accept his denial of the allegations, some savvy Twitter users have begun posting pictures of themselves at age 14 to ask the rhetorical question, "Should this child really be involved with a 32-year-old man?"

While some people posted photos to highlight their innocence at the age of 14, others have been using the #MeAt14 hashtag to share their own experiences as sexual harassment victims while they were only adolescents.

According to RAINN:

  • One in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult
  • 82% of all victims under 18 are female
  • Females ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely to be victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault; than the average population

See some of the most powerful #MeAt14 tweets below: