Not Getting Enough Sleep? Here's Why!

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Men and women have different circadian rhythms and sleep needs.

Everyone experiences restless nights every now and then. But if you are noticing a pattern of sleepless nights or not being able to sleep when you want, it can start taking its toll on your health and wellness.

While both men and women experience sleep problems — about 40 percent of all Americans report not getting enough shut eye — they are more common in women. New scientific research shows that this discrepancy may be due to women operating on a different circadian rhythm than men.

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Your circadian rhythm is not just when your body clock tells you to wake up and fall asleep. It is actually much more than that: other things such as body temperature also operate on 24-hour cycles, which are controlled by different chemical and environmental cues.

Researches have found that women go through their circadian cycles faster than men, which is why women tend to fall asleep and wake up earlier by about two hours. It can also cause women to feel more tired than men when forced to stay awake later than usual.

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If you're in good health without any other underlying conditions, you can help combat sleep problems by avoiding light exposure at nighttime. From light-blocking curtains to less phone and computer time after sunset, you should be getting better shut eye in no time.

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More Ways to Get Better Sleep

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