New Year, New You: How To Actually Make 2018 Your Best 365 Days Yet


Ring in the new year with a plan.

It's almost 2018, and we think it's pretty safe to say no one is bummed about saying goodbye to 2017. From all the icons who passed away to all the sexual misconduct revelations, 2017 was a rollercoaster of a year that ended on a bit of a bad note.

If you want to turn things around in the new year, you need to have a plan. Follow these 5 tips to make 2018 your best year yet:

Say "No" More

Stop spreading yourself too thin and putting other people's needs above yours. Leave some time for yourself to do the things you've been putting off all 2017: join a gym, start a small business, travel abroad, or hang out with your friends more.

Start Reading

Whether it's the entire Harry Potter collection you've been putting off completing for years (Where are your priorities!), a new cookbook, or the top news stores from The New York Times, take some time to exercise your brain and learn something new. *Bonus: taking some time to read every day can help reduce stress and improve your memory.

Stop Apologizing

Unless you're being an actual a-hole, stop apologizing for every little thing. You don't owe someone an apology when they bump into you. This is as habit that many women have thanks to years of being conditioned to be overly apologetic for fear of being seen as a bitch.

Get Healthy

No, you don't need to join a crazy-expensive gym and have Jessica Alba's abs by the time February rolls around. But you should make a conscious effort to life a healthier lifestyle. Drinking more water, going for a walk or job, getting more sleep, and eating more vegetables are all small changes that can really add up over time.

Spend Time Alone

In a time when social media controls our lives, it can be easy to experience FOMO and get caught up in having an exciting social life to display all over Instagram and Snapchat. But it's important to spend some downtime with yourself too. Whether it's going on a solo trip to another country or a solo trip to the movie theater, show yourself some love and undivided attention on a regular basis.

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