Fragile Masculinity Causes 11 Men To Quit After The First Woman Mayor Is Elected In A Fundamentalist Mormon City


In a move that shocked literally no one, a bunch of white Christian men quit because they couldn't stand the thought of a woman in power.

Donia Jessop made history by becoming both the first woman mayor and the first non-LDS mayor of Hildale, Utah.

Abused by the FLDS cult herself, Jessop, has returned stronger than ever to save her hometown from its sexist, backwards ways.

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But when she was sworn into office last month, the city's leadership revealed itself to be much less tolerant than its constituents.

Eleven government employees quit in the wake of the historic election, with at least one of them confirming that he quit due to his religious beliefs that prevent him from following a woman or working with an apostate.

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The small city of Hildale is home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a strict sect separate from the LDS Church.

This particular Mormon fundamentalist denomination is infamous for child marriages and polygamy. It also forces women members to wear pioneer-style dresses.

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The fact that in the year 2018, 11 public officials would quit in protest of a woman non-LDS mayor is concerning.

This didn't happen in Iran. This didn't happen in Saudi Arabia. This happened in a small city in the United States.

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While it's an unfortunate fact that religious fundamentalism still has some sway in some pockets of American government, it's encouraging that such a fundamentalist city elected a woman in the first place.

If that results in a bunch of snowflake misogynists crying about a woman in power and fleeing office for a safe space, then good riddance.

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