Money Over Morals: These 25 Companies STILL Haven’t Cut Ties With The NRA


It's no secret that many of our country's politicians accept a significant amount of campaign funding from the NRA. But companies are also guilty of accepting blood money, usually in the form of NRA advertising.

While it doesn't seem like politicians are going to refuse money from the NRA anytime soon, customers are putting pressure on several large companies to end their business relationships with the NRA.

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, these 25 companies STILL haven't publicly cut ties with the NRA.

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Vinesse Wines

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Omni Hotels

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Hyatt Regency Dallas

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Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s

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Clearent Credit Card Processing Services

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Lockton Affinity

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Medical Concierge Network

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Association Group Insurance Administrators (AGIA Affinity)

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Checks In The Mail

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Direct Long Term Care

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Emergency Assistance Plus (Worldwide Rescue & Security)

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Global Rescue

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