In A Total Miranda Move, Cynthia Nixon Is Reportedly Running For Governor Of New York

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"I know how to please a man: you just give away most of your power." - Miranda, SATC

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An avid Sex & The City fan, I’ve always believed that all women should be Mirandas — smart, strong, and successful feminists.

In badass Miranda fashion, actress Cynthia Nixon is reportedly running for governor of New York, according to NY1.

If she does decide to run, she will primary against incumbent Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo this September.

But is Cynthia Nixon really running for governor of New York? Or are the rumors false?

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

A spokeswoman for the SATC star did not deny the rumored gubernatorial run.

“Many concerned New Yorkers have been encouraging Cynthia to run for office, and as she has said previously, she will continue to explore it,” her representative Rebecca Sides Capellan said in a statement. “If and when such a decision is made, Cynthia will be sure to make her plans public.”


While Nixon has yet to proclaim “Yes!” to her pivot into politics, she has spoken out against Cuomo in the past:

"The gap now between our richest schools and poorest schools is wider under Gov. Cuomo than it has ever been, and that’s got to stop,” Nixon told The Wall Street Journal back in August of 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cynthia Nixon’s potential bid for public office.



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