A Black Woman Politician Was Assassinated For Speaking Truth To Power


A black councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro was shot dead Wednesday night after attending a black women's empowerment event.

Marielle Franco was a popular activist who fought for women's rights, racial equality, and ending police brutality.

Leaving the black women's empowerment event, the 38-year-old politician got into a car with her driver and a press officer. While driving, two men in separate vehicles shot into the car nine times. Both Franco and her driver were killed. The press officer survived.

Police believe her brutal death was an assassination and have opened an investigation amid public outrage.

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The hashtag #JusticaParaMarielle has been trending on Twitter, as well as a recent tweet from the late councilwoman that has gone viral:

"How many more will have to die for this war the end?" she tweeted in Portuguese.

Franco is being lauded as a martyr in Brazil's ongoing fight for social justice.

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