Man Buns To Manscaping: Why Are Men Becoming More Feminine?

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Gender norms are changing for both sexes.

Sometimes it feels like man buns are taking over the world. As I walk around Los Angeles and see all the handsome men, I can't help but notice how much effort they seem to put into their appearance.

From their perfectly trimmed beards to their dapper pink ties, plenty of guys are becoming comfortable with embracing their feminine side.

But why exactly is this phenomenon of man buns and manscaping occurring?

Perhaps because it's not just about a change in their appearance. More and more men are also becoming feminists, thanks to social justice campaigns like HeForShe.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by YouGov, most millennial men don't identify as masculine. Under 30 percent identified as "completely masculine," while roughly 1 in 5 identified as more feminine than masculine.

Redefined gender roles has caused a societal shift in the way we view norms for members of both sexes.

It's time we stop equating masculinity with manhood as two mutually inclusive things.

The world is not binary, and everyone is on a spectrum when it comes to their gender expression and conformity.

Men are eschewing the archetype that they have to be the strongest, most sexually aggressive, unemotional "real men" often portrayed in the media. They can be the lanky hipster wearing skinny jeans. They can be in a relationship with a Dominatrix in the bedroom. They can cry and express their emotions openly.

And it doesn't make them any less of a man.

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