Make Twitter Great Again: What Trump’s New Year’s Resolution Should Be

The Tweeter-in-Chief needs to cool it with the 140 character rants.

It's no secret that President-Elect Donald Trump is addicted to Twitter. But many Americans worry that his unabashed Twitter rants could be causing more harm than good.

Trump's favorite late-night social media habit has raised quite a few eyebrows and alarm bells alike. The President-Elect has earned quite a reputation for making unexpected statements in 140 characters or less, including controversial comments on U.S. policies, foreign relations, fellow politicians, and disapproving public figures.

A President using Twitter to conduct international diplomacy is "unpresidented," as Trump would mis-Tweet. Publicly criticizing China's business deals and boasting that Mexico will pay for his planned border wall are just a few of his candid comments.

The President-Elect has also used Twitter to make misogynistic comments about women and to ignite feuds with any public figure who dares to criticize him.

Even more alarming, his most recent taunting of North Korea for it's nuclear weapons program is a highly sensitive issue that keeps most Presidents up at night. Twitter is not the platform to be discussing such matters.

Throughout the controversial 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump's Twitter account singlehandedly fueled much of the divisiveness that currently afflicts the country. In order to step up and accept the responsibilities and seriousness of the office of the Presidency, he first needs to step away from the keyboard.

If Trump truly wants to "Make America Great Again," the first place he should start is the Twitterverse.

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