29 Adorable Gifs Of Bunnies.

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Prepare to feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

When most people think of household pets, dogs and cats come to mind. But those boring animals are for people who play by the rules.

The real MVPs of the pet world are clearly rabbits. Bunnies are so ridiculously cute that it's overwhelming. Don't believe me? Here's proof:

1. When your coffee kicks in...

2. Bunnies are a liquid, apparently.

3. Your only plans for the weekend.

4. Look at this little gymnast.

5. When hunger strikes...

6. When you've put on a few pounds...

7. The second you get home from work...

8. When you really have to pee...

9. When coordination has never been your strong suit.

10. Could this be more adorable?

11. Wake up, sleepy head!

12. When you get red wine lips.

13. When you haven't quite mastered the art of sharing...

14. Cute? Creepy? Probably both.

15. Everyone needs a cuddle buddy.

16. When you're an adrenaline junkie.

17. This little prodigy.

18. When you're easily amused...

19. When you try to pull an all-nighter...

20. Shake it off.

21. This cutie pie.

22. Winter is coming.

23. When you mindlessly eat while watching Netflix.

24. Couple of lovebirds.

25. This little furball of perfection.

26. When you only teach your pet useful tricks.

27. Someone's bashful...

28. This little fashionista.

29. Perfection.

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