Laura Ingraham Revels In Her Racist Rant Against LeBron James: 'Shut Up And Dribble'


Fox News host Laura Ingraham went on the offensive and attacked NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant for their recent comments about President Trump.

But she just couldn't seem to hide her racist undertones during her commentary.

Ingraham started off by calling the duo "dumb jock[s]" for their "barely intelligible" and "ungrammatical" interview in which the basketball stars addressed their concerns that Trump's rhetoric has emboldened white supremacists across the country to openly share their racist thoughts.

"It's not even a surprise when he says something," James said. It's laughable and it's scary."

Perhaps more important, James recently experienced a blatant act of racism when someone spray painted the n-word on his California home.

After the incident, James pointed out that even a successful, wealthy, and famous black man can still be confronted by racial tension or be the victim of a hate crime.

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While many people might applaud James and Durant for using their platform as an athlete to provide a voice for the voiceless, Ingraham wasn't having it.

"Keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said, ‘shut up and dribble'"

She would rather tell a public figure like LeBron and Durant to just do his job and stick to entertaining Americans on the court.

Unless, of course, that entertainer is a reality show host like Donald Trump, an actor like Ronald Reagan, or any other celebrity that happens to be conservative.

Even more hypocritical, Ingraham criticized James' interview as "ungrammatical" and "r-rated" because he swore once, yet defends Trump's fourth-grade speaking level and rapey "locker room talk."

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Whether it's Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, or Kevin Durant, white Republicans loves telling African-American athletes that they aren't allowed to give their political opinion.

In the middle of Black History Month, Ingraham's warning that two black men should "shut up and dribble" is a bitter reminder of our nation's ugly history: white people telling black people to stop running their mouthes and do the physical activity they were told to do.

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