Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Baby 'Butterfly'? These 7 Clues Say Yes!

Kylie Jenner

What Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Baby Girl?

Ever since Kylie Jenner confirmed the birth of her baby girl with a video announcement on Sunday, fans have been speculating what she and boyfriend Travis Scott names her.

If you want to know the name of Kylie Jenner's baby, all you have to do is look at these 7 clues she appears to have left for fans to figure out.

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Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Baby Girl 'Butterfly'?

Some eagle-eyed fans are convinced Kylie Jenner named her daughter Butterfly thanks to several clues she and boyfriend Travis Scott have been leaving on social media the past nine months.

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Kylie & Travis Got Matching Butterfly Tattoos

Perhaps most convincing, both Kylie and her baby daddy got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. The tattoo artist that created them even used photos of the butterfly tattoos to congratulate the couple on their birth announcement.

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Travis Bought Kylie A Butterfly Necklace For Her Birthday

For her birthday, Travis gave Kylie a $60,000 28 carat necklace with several bejeweled butterflies on it.

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Travis Scott Released A Song Called 'Butterfly Effect'

Travis releases a song called "Butterfly Effect" back in 2017, when he easily could have known Kylie was pregnant. Many of the song's cover art was pink, perhaps a clue that they were going to have a baby girl.

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Kylie Recently Had A Photoshoot Where She Wore Butterfly Jewelry

Kylie wore a ton of pink butterfly rings at a recent photoshoot. Until the photos are released, we can only assume that they were secret pregnancy photos taken for the KUWTK star.

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Kylie Was Wearing Butterfly Jewelry In Her Baby Video Announcement

The camera zoomed in on Kylie wearing the butterfly necklace Travis gave her for her birthday. We can't help but wonder if the camera zoom was intentional.

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Kylie Decorated The Baby's Room With Butterflies

In just a few quick flashes, we're able to see Kylie's baby room, decorated with pink walls and butterflies.

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Kylie's Newest Makeup Product Is Called 'Posie' - Short for 'Mariposa'

Just one day after the birth announcement, Grandma Kris Jenner posted about her new favorite Kylie Jenner makeup product called 'Posie'. Many fans are speculating that 'Posie' could be short for 'Mariposa', which means butterfly in Spanish.

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Or Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Baby Girl 'Monarch' or 'Vanessa'?

Other fans think that the butterfly symbols are more symbolic than literal. Some think Kylie may have named her daughter 'Monarch' which is a kind of butterfly, while others suspect she named her 'Vanessa' which means butterfly in Greek.

What do you think Kylie named her newborn baby girl? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more updates!

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