Is Alyssa Milano Running For U.S. Senator Or Another Political Office?

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The actress-turned-activist has her sights set on political office... and dismantling the patriarchy.

Alyssa Milano might be a household name thanks to her starring roles on shows such as "Who's the Boss?" "Melrose Place" and "Charmed;" but the actress-turned-activist is better known these days for her political prowess than for her acting abilities.

Milano hasn't kept her political views to herself in recent years, vocally championing liberal causes on social media, in interviews, and at political events around the country.

But is Alyssa Milano running for Senator? According to a recent interview with Bustle, political office isn't out of the question.

"Yes, but not until my children are grown . . . I'd like to be a senator. I can age gracefully and still make a difference," said Milano.

In recent weeks, Milano has been advocating for net neutrality, attacking Ajit Pai's proposal to dismantle Obama's internet regulations.

Net neutrality isn't the first issue that has caught Milano's attention. She became known as a political powerhouse for championing women's rights and the Women's March.

Even more impressive, she was also one of the original posters of the #MeToo movement.

The trending hashtag started back on October 15 when Alyssa Milano tweeted for more women to speak out about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment.

Milano is no stranger to the political process. Back in 2004, she campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

"I went to every single swing state, with a bullhorn in the back of a pick-up truck," Milano told Bustle. "People don't understand how small politics can be. I really fell in love with the process of campaigns being run out of someone's garage in Colorado."

While it seems like we'll have to wait a few years for Milano to announce her intent to run, in the meantime we know she will continue using her influence to affect political change, one tweet at a time.