If You're Not Laughing During Sex, You're Doing It Wrong

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Sex is supposed to be fun.

If you don't laugh during sex, you're with the wrong person.

Being able to laugh with your partner means your relationship is than just physical — you have an emotional connection as well.

Simply put, fun sex is the best sex.

And even the best sex comes with bit of awkwardness.

The bed might squeak, you might queef, you might say something embarrassing— if you do it enough, sex is bound to have its funny moments.


Laughter during sex is not only normal, but a positive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning one parter laughing at the other's lack of skills or physical appearance. That's obviously not okay. I'm simply talking about playful laughter between two hot and heavy lovers.

Stop stressing and consider these 5 reasons why you should be laughing during sex.

Sex is supposed to be fun.

Even when it's super passionate, intimate, and romantic, sex should still be first and foremost fun. You should be humping to your hearts content and revealing in the j-"O"-y it brings you. We promise you'll have a blast.

You shouldn't have to hold back.

Good sex means you and your partner are comfortable together. You should be able to lighten up and let loose. Don't be self-conscious or nervous about doing something wrong or silly. You should be so wrapped up in the moment that you don't even care if you do something awkward.

Laughter during sex creates intimacy.

Not only does laughter during sex alleviate stress and anxiety, but it will also help you feel closer to your partner. Laughing during sex will change your mood and bring more trust to your intimate relationship.

You shouldn't dwell on the awkward moments.

Awkward things are bound to happen during sex. There's no way around it. Your options are to A) remain embarrassed and ruin the mood, or B) laugh about it and keep going for the big "O".

It's sexy to see your partner happy.

When you laugh during sex, it let's the other person know you're having a good time. It's sexy to see your partner enjoying himself or herself fully. What could be better than that?

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