How To Make A Vegan Cheese Board For The Holidays

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Follow these easy steps for making the perfect vegan cheese board.

Planning the perfect wine night with your vegan friends?

No need to stress! We have a guide for building the best vegan cheese board! All cheese boards have basic components, so adjust them to create a vegan cheese board! Vegan cheese boards are easy to construct with this DIY guide!

Vegan cheese has come a long way in recent years, which makes switching the classic cheese board to a vegan option an easy task. The main components of cheese boards are the cheese, savory items, sweet items, and crunchy bases. Add one or two spreads to your cheese board to create a variety.

If you are vegan or are planning an event for your vegan friends, this is an easy guide to help make your vegan cheese board perfect!

Pick The Board

Finding the perfect board is the foundation of a great cheese board. Depending on the number of people coming, adjust the size accordingly. A majority of cheese boards are wooden, but switch it up to make sure it fits your taste! Make it more modern by choosing a slate or marble board. Get creative with your vegan cheese board!

Choose Vegan Cheeses

Vegan cheese has come a long way in the past few years. Online and in-store have many options for you to chose from. Popular store-bought favorites are Vtopian Artisan Cheeses, Treeline, Kite Hill, Ste Martaen, Daiya, and Miyoko's. This website has many homemade options if you are handy in a kitchen!

Pick Sweet Items

Fresh fruit is always an excellent option to have on the cheese board. Fruits such as apple, grapes, and apricots are always hits. Switch it up and add some dried fruit. Sweet options allow your guests to have a variety of options.

Select Savory Items

Olives, vegan meats, and vegetables such as bell peppers are savory items sure to please your guests. Vegan meats such as Field Roast Quarter Loaves are perfect for your vegan cheese board.

Pick Bread Bases

Thinly sliced baguettes, crackers, and bagel chips are common bases available on cheese boards. Your vegan cheese board will need this same component. Choosing crunchy bases will allow for a change of texture from the other fruits and vegetables on the board. Try Mary's Gone Crackers!

Add Spreads

Vegan mustards, preserves, and jams add flavor and color to any cheese board. Make sure to check that the spreads are vegan. Try adding Organicville Dijon Mustard to wow your guests with this great addition to your vegan cheese plate!

Arrange The Board

Garnishing the board with nuts or herbs allow you to fill any empty space that was created. Get as creative as you want! Rosemary and thyme can be placed around the board to help the flow of the components. Add almonds and other nuts where there is empty space you want to remove. Your vegan cheese board should flow naturally and organically.

Follow these steps to make a cheese plate that will make vegans rejoice this holiday season!

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