How Many People Have Posted “Me Too” Since October, According To New Data

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The viral hashtag has taken the internet by storm.

The viral #MeToo movement is still going strong with each new public figure who is exposed for their sexual misconduct.

The trending hashtag started back on October 15 when Alyssa Milano tweeted for more women to speak out about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment.

But exactly how many people have posted "Me too" since October?

Well, the numbers are in! Multimedia artist Erin Gallagher started tracking the #MeToo tweets over the course of 31 hours. She produced a mapped out visualization of 24,722 #MeToo tweets as they spread to an impressive 10,709 distinct social communities — making it more far-reaching than any other trending hashtag she has tracked before.

EZYInsights has also published data around the #MeToo movement, showing that the hashtag was most popular in the U.S., Europe, India, and Australia.

Half a million people responded to Milano's tweet in the first 24 hours. By the end of November, Twitter reported that over 1.7 million tweets had been made with the #MeToo hashtag (and its translations worldwide).

These numbers show what women already know: sexual misconduct occurs all over the world, and it's up to every culture to collectively eradicate it.

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