Chipotle Changed Their Queso Recipe & Now It's Actually Edible

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Faith in Humanity = Restored

BREAKING NEWS, cheese lovers: Chipotle has changed their queso recipe!

If you're one of the unfortunate souls who happened to try Chipotle's queso when it was first released back in September, then you know that it tasted like melted cardboard.

Thankfully the queso gods have heard our prayers, and the Mexican Grill has decided to make an all-new queso recipe.

Critical customers of the original recipe claimed that the queso barely resembled the classic cheese dip, calling it watered down, gritty, and flavorless.

The new queso dip promises to be smoother, spicier, and more flavorful.

Only time will tell if Chipotle's new queso recipe passes the taste test.

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