Holiday Equality: Feminist Charities To Donate To This Season

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Fa la la la feminism!

The holidays aren't just a great time to give gifts to your loved ones — they're also a great time to give back to the community. If you're feeling like a festive feminist this holiday season, consider spreading some joy and equality by donating to one of these top 4 women's organizations:


RAINN helps victims of sexual assault and violence. They help survivors by lobbying public policy-makers and running a national helpline. You can either donate or volunteer for the hotline.


NOW fights for women's rights across the United States by taking lawsuits to the Supreme Court to protect abortion doctors and their patients, registering female voters, and helping represent victims of domestic violence in family court.


Equality Now is a global organization that helps change and enforce the laws of other countries. They have helped outlaw female genital mutilation, prevent child marriage, and protect victims of domestic violence.


WFWI helps women around the world affected by war and combat. It helps bring them out of poverty and despair by giving them education, work training, reproductive knowledge, medical care, and more.

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