Hilariously Regrettable Purchases You've Definitely Made When Drunk

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Shopping while intoxicated is like a present from drunk you to sober you.

Let's keep it real: cocktails and credit cards don't mix.

Shopping under the influence is very dangerous. In a perfect world, your bank account would come with a breathalyzer test before you could make any purchases.

But until such an invention exists, you're going to have to live with those late-night splurges you make when you get home from the bar.

Drunk you has probably made quite a few laughable purchases over the years. And they probably looked a little something like this:

When you order an extra large Dominoes pizza all for yourself.


Any pizza can be a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.

When you spend your entire paycheck on contouring kits and eyeshadow palettes from Sephora.


It's not like you needed that money to pay your rent or anything…

When you walk into Target for more alcohol, but walk out with new sandals, Rachael Ray cookware, and a bath bomb.


Sticking to the original plan has never been your strong suit.

When you go through the Taco Bell drive-thru​ and get the 12 taco variety box.


Fourth meal is the most important meal of the day.

When you order three cases of Sriracha sauce because why the hell not?


Some like it hot.

When you jump at the chance to buy anything and everything that has your favorite animal on it.


Honestly, who wouldn't want a Yoga Kittens Calendar?

When you Amazon Prime a bunch of clothes that will eventually fit you when you lose those last few pounds.


Gotta love that 2-day free shipping.

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