Here's Why Scientists Are Calling For A Ban On Glitter Makeup

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Is glitter bad for the environment?

With the holidays just around the corner, glitter makeup is going to be stealing the spotlight on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

But could glitter makeup actually be harming the environment?

Bad news beauty babes: scientists have actually called for a ban on glitter makeup.

Since glitter is so small, it often escapes down the drain when you wash it off your face and body. This means it will escape into the environment.

Here's why that's a problem:

Glitter is harmful to animals.

Glitter is made of aluminum and PET, a type of plastic full of cancer-causing toxins. An estimated 51 trillion pieces of micro plastics have entered our oceans according to scientists, putting animals at risk when they inevitably swallow them.

Glitter is also harmful to humans.

Just because you don't live in the ocean doesn't mean you're immune from the ill effects of glitter makeup. Any human who eats fish is also at risk for ingesting the toxic plastic previously ingested by the animals.

Glitter isn't biodegradable.

The materials that make up conventional glitter are not biodegradable, so they continue to pose a risk as long as they are in the environment. Thankfully, some eco-conscious brands have created biodegradable glitter that you can use — and wear — safely.

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