The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Friends With The Longest Commute


Not everyone has the luxury of working from home or within walking distance from where they live.

Long commutes are fairly common nowadays, and it often can be draining and depressing to have such a long drive each workday.

This holiday season, why not give your loved ones a gift that will make their trek to work a whole lot more enjoyable?

Here are 6 must-have gifts that anyone with a long commute will appreciate:

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1. Kate Spade Earbud & Portable Charger Set

Price: $125

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2. Mark & Graham iPhone Charging Bracelet

Price: $149

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3. Mobile Charger

Price: $45

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4. Elemental Water Bottle

Price: $35

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5. New York Times Crossword Puzzle One-Year Subscription

Price: $40

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6. Spotify Premium

Price: $120

Buy it here.

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