Ditch The Dudes: Here's How To Celebrate Galentine's Day Instead

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Uteruses before duderuses.

Valentine's Day — you either love it or you hate it. Whether you're a hopeless romantic with no one to celebrate or a hater of Hallmark holidays, we've got the perfect alternative holiday for you:

Galentine's Day.


Let's be honest, who wouldn't rather spend mid February with an over-the-top girls night out than with some guy who's going to dump you before your birthday rolls around? Romantic relationships are fleeting, but friendship never ends. Right, Spice Girls?

Galentine's Day is all about female friendship. It's a time to get all your best gal pals together: your friends, your coworkers, your mom, your hairdresser, your Brazilian bikini waxer — whoever!

Make Leslie Knope proud this February 13th! Here's how you can celebrate Galentine's Day too:

Eat brunch — preferably waffles.


As Leslie would say, "We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work." Leave the men at home and kick it with your gal pals, breakfast-style. There's nothing better than grabbing brunch and catching up with your bestie.

Host an event.


Galentine's Day is all about ladies celebrating ladies. You should take time to do what you and your besties enjoy doing most. Whether you want to throw a karaoke party at your place or host an at-home spa day, you're bound to have the time of your life without men around.

Go out dancing.


Galentine's is the one day out of the year where no men are allowed. Take this sacred opportunity to do what gal pals de best — dance.

Exchange Galentine's Day gifts.


From waffle friendship necklaces to monogramed wine glasses, there are plenty of great Galentine's Day gifts you can get your girl friends to show them you'd choose uteruses over duderuses any day.

So what are you waiting for? Now is lady time!


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