Find Your Jim Halpert: 7 Awkward Qualities You Should Look For In A Man

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Stop looking for your Brad Pitt in shining armor.

Jim Halpert is the perfect man.

"Oh, but he's a fictional character on The Office!" you say . . .


John Krasinski is the perfect man.

The reason both John and his fictional character Jim are so swoon-worthy is because they are both unabashed dorks. Stop looking for your Brad Pitt in shining armor. You can get your RomCom happy ending if you start dating the right guys. Here's why you should fall for an awkwardly adorable guy instead:

1. He gets nervous around you.

A guy who stumbles on his words before your first kiss or who starts to sweat when you walk into a room is a keeper. Why? Being nervous means you care. That guy who is as cool as a cucumber is probably that way because he's not all that invested in impressing you in a meaningful way. A little nerves is a good indicator that he really wants you to like him.

2. He's an over-sharer.

A guy who wears his heart on his sleeve won't be afraid to tell you how he feels. He might awkwardly tell you he loves you at the "wrong" moment or share personal details about his family too soon, but it shows he's willing to open up to you and be vulnerable.

3. He zones out while staring at you.

When you catch your man staring at you, it's one of the most flattering things possible. Sure, it might be a little dorky, but I'd rather be with a cute guy who feels fortunate to be with me than with some suave jerk who spends more time checking out other woman than his own girl.

4. He geeks out over his favorite show / movie / video game.

Women like guys who are passionate. We don't want to date a deadbeat. Whether it's an obsession with cooking Italian food, watching Game of Thrones, or playing League of Legends, there's nothing more attractive than seeing a guy in his element and enjoying something he truly loves.

5. He is a human Wikipedia.

Intelligence is sexy. I repeat, intelligence is sexy. If your man can carry a conversation because he's actually informed on current events, politics, literature, or science, LOCK HIM DOWN. Once the romance fades, you want someone who will keep you on your toes and have amazing pillow talk with you.

6. He can't dance or sing, but tries anyway.

Whether he steps up as your plus-1 to a wedding or he joins you and your friends for karaoke night, a guy who is willing to get out of his comfort zone is worth keeping around. It means he is willing to put himself out there because he knows it's important to you.

7. He cracks corny dad jokes.

A man who makes you laugh is one of the most important qualities in a partner. Even if his jokes are a little lame, this guy will make you happy because he loves to see you smile and brighten your day.

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