Even Science Agrees, You Should Sleep Naked

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Ditch the p.j.s!

I'm a huge advocate of sleeping naked — to the point where I'm pretty sure I only own one pair of actual pajamas.

Not going to lie — I love lingerie and have always wanted to buy a onesie to lounge around in. But if you ask me, the most comfortable thing you can wear to bed is nothing at all.

If my humble opinion isn't enough to convince the 88 percent of you who don't sleep naked, perhaps I should let science do the talking.

There are tons of health benefits to sleeping in the nude:

It's good for your skin.

All day long our bodies are trapped under clothes — AKA constraints that keep sweat and oil in close quarters with your pores. Sleeping in clothes also increases the likelihood of you sweating even more overnight. Give your skin a break and let it breathe.

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It's good for your vagina.

Just like your skin, your lady bits need some love as well. Wearing tight underwear or pajamas all night doesn't give your vagina any time to air out — which could lead to infections if you're not careful. Even if you want to wear a nightgown or oversized t-shirt, it's a good idea to still go commando as often as you can.

It's good for your relationship.

Sleeping naked naturally encourages you to have more sex with your partner. Not to mention that cuddling against your honey's bare skin will release the hormone Oxytocin, which reduces stress and depression.

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It's good for your wallet.

Less pajamas means less washing and drying. Less washing and drying means less wear and tear. Less wear and tear means less shopping for new pajamas. What's not to love about that.

It's good for your shut eye.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that your body temperature declines naturally while you sleep. Wearing pajamas and overheating could mess with your Circadian Rhythm and even lead to insomnia. If you need more shut eye, skipping the p.j.s might be an easy solution.

So what are you waiting for?

Ditch the p.j.s and start sleeping au natural!

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