Even Science Agrees, Eating Cake For Breakfast Is Good For Your Health

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Let them eat cake!

If someone told you that eating cake for breakfast could actually make you lose weight, you'd probably laugh at them in disbelief.

But new scientific research suggests that a sweet treat in the a.m. could actually be good for you.


A study conducted at Tel Aviv University proposes that morning is actually the best time to eat dessert because your metabolism is most active in the early hours.

Eating sweet treats like chocolate cake or cookies for breakfast along with a balanced meal of protein and carbs could also keep your hand out of the cookie jar later in the day.

The researchers broke up participants into two groups of obese adults: those who consumed a 300 calorie low carb breakfast every morning and those who consumed a 600 calorie balanced breakfast that also included chocolate cake.

While both groups lost weight halfway through the study, the low carb group regained two thirds of the weight back by the second half. Meanwhile, the cake-eating group went on to lose another 15 pounds each on average.

By the end of the study, the dessert eaters lost an average of 40 pounds more than their low-carb counterparts.


By avoiding sweets and carbs altogether, many of the participants in the first group ended up going through withdrawals and cheating on their diets. Those who indulged in a moderate amount of sweets for breakfast didn't have cravings for those foods the rest of the day.

So if you're unsatisfied with your current diet and just can't seem to feel full, perhaps the answer is just a little chocolate cake in the morning.

We'll eat to that!


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