8 Dating Trends From Rom-Coms That We Should Bring Back

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Spice up your off-screen romance with these on-screen dating ideas.

Is your relationship in a bit of a rut? If date nights with your partner are becoming a bit routine — or even nonexistent — try spicing things up with these eight dating trends from your favorite romantic comedies.

1. Talking on the Phone


With smart phones taking over the world, it seems like texting has virtually replaced phone calls completely. Long gone are the days of talking on the phone with your crush all night. It's so much more personal to be able to hear another person's voice and hold an actual conversation with them. If you're stuck spend the night apart, try watching the same movie while on the phone with each other.

2. Going Dancing

New Line Cinema

When the typical dinner and movie date night starts getting old, perhaps it's time to woo your date with a night of dancing. What could be more intimate than spending the night cheek to cheek in each other's arms?

3. Star Gazing


Sometimes it's necessary to disconnect from your smart phones, laptops, and TVs in order to connect with your date. Head outdoors with some blankets and hot cocoa so you can cuddle with your date while gazing at the stars.

4. Serenading


Publicly serenading someone seems like one of those embarrassing but romantic gestures that only happens in the movies. Who wouldn't want a sweet song sung to them?

5. Horseback Riding


There aren't many more romantic date ideas than going horseback riding on the beach or through the countryside. If you both love animals, this is an absolute must date idea.

6. Emailing and IM-ing


It seems like most of the conversing between couples these days happens via text. While texting is a quick and flirty way to message your date, it's not the best platform for expressing your thoughts in greater detail. Why not send each other modern-day love letters via email or spend your nights apart instant messaging each other? Chances are you'll feel a lot closer than if you were just sending each other short texts.

7. Going to the Park


Dinner dates can seem so serious at times, but dating is supposed to be fun. Try to kick back and relax by going to a park with your date. You can chat while on the swings and show off your more playful side.

8. Diary Writing


It seemed like every girl had a diary in the 90s, but no one really puts pen to paper anymore. Writing about your dates and putting your thoughts down on paper is both a healthy way to deal with your feelings and reminisce about all the good times you've had with your date.

Which of these rom-com date ideas would you try? Let us know in the comments!

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