Does Donald Trump’s Horoscope Predict His Impending Impeachment?

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The stars over Washington have A LOT to say about our President's future.

As Donald Trump prepares to move into the White House, Neptune is moving into his solar 10th house. And things don't look good for the President-Elect.

The Gemini-in-Chief will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20. But exactly how long will he last as POTUS? According to his astrological sign, Trump could be impeached faster than you can say, "bigly."

Trump's 2017 horoscope forecasts that the future POTUS will lie, manipulate, and make some ill-informed decisions — shocker:

"Your ruling planet, the communicative Mercury, starts out the year direct and then immediately goes retrograde (back into Sagittarius) in the first week of January. Ready to do some backtracking? You may want to immediately revoke some words or actions you let slip in a heated moment, but right now take-backs and do-overs aren't likely . . . Mid-November brings an unfortunate Mercury-Neptune square that puts your judgment in question, leaving you to wonder if you can really trust yourself to make decent, well-informed decisions. Right now? Probably not. This aspect throws you into a vicious cycle where you may not only get caught up in your own thoughts and ideas, but unfortunate by products include lying and manipulation."

Meanwhile, his annual career horoscope predicts Trump will exhibit poor judgement and be in denial about reality:

"Strange circumstances may be weaving its web in your career or vocation or business firm or company that confuse you or are setting you up for disappointment because you aren't able to see clearly with those "rose-colored" glasses you have on. Perhaps have put them on your self, because you may not want to deal with reality . . ."

Lastly, his 2017 financial horoscope hints that Trump's business dealings could get him into serious trouble:

"With Neptune in Gemini's 10th house (that of career and social status), the idealism that's been your driving force for a few years now gets you a rather far way away from realism . . . Because Jupiter is in a square with Pluto, the above-mentioned terms aren't good for extending your business . . . During June and July 2017 you tend to be more aggressive than usual in pursuing your financial and professional interests, and this could be severely punished by those around."

It sounds to us like Trump's zodiac is heavily implying that his conflicts of interest will lead him to break the law, commit an impeachable offense, and be "severely punished."

While no one can no what will happen for sure, we think it's safe to say Donald Trump better listen to the stars if he still plans to "Make America Great Again."

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