Dad Builds His Sick Daughter An Amazing Wheelchair For Just $100

The toddler, who is paralyzed from cancer, could not be happier with her new ride.

Anyone who knows someone diagnosed with cancer can empathize with the emotional and physical toll it takes on the patients and their loved ones. But when the diagnosed is an innocent child, the news can be all the more devastating.

Evelyn Moore has been through more hardship in her life than most experience in a lifetime — and she's still in diapers.

When Evelyn was just 4 months old, she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. After 8 rounds of chemotherapy and paralysis from the arms down, she is finally in remission.

Lucky for little miss Moore, she has a dad who found an innovative way for her to bear her burden — on 4 wheels, to be exact.

The 13 month old from Alberta, Canada isn't taking her first steps like most toddlers her age. Instead, she's exploring her world in a wheelchair built by her father.

After realizing how expensive custom wheelchairs are, Evelyn's dad got to work and handmade his own with a cutting board, castor wheels, and a Bumbo chair. The total cost was just $100.

Now the recovering tyke is riding in style. While most children her age are slowly learning how to walk, Evelyn is cruising by them at a much faster speed. Her parents even had to install a speed bump in their living room to keep her from going too fast.

Evelyn's doctors have been amazed by the tiny tot's recovery and newfound mobility.

"She looked like any adult or older child would in a wheelchair," her Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Bev Wilson said. "She was turning around in circles, backing up."

It seems clear that no matter what hardships Evelyn may face throughout her life, she's not going to let anything slow her down.

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