Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy Takes On Trump's Tax Plan

The Florida Representative is opposed to the GOP tax bill.

Stephanie Murphy is the first Vietnamese-American woman (and the second Vietnamese person) elected to Congress.

The Democratic Congresswoman is a staunch advocate for tax reform to lessen the gap between the rich and the poor in America.

The Senate GOP has officially passed its tax bill, but the fight is not over yet.

Murphy, who voted against the bill, cares about what the residents of Florida think and decided to get their opinion on the Republican legislation.

After polling thousands of her constituents, Murphy found that an overwhelming 76% oppose the GOP tax bill.

When it comes to the economy and taxes, Stephanie wants to combat the current tax system that she sees as full of special interest loopholes that protect large corporations and the super wealthy. She hopes that a more simplified tax code and tax cuts for the middle class will ensure every American and corporation pays their fair share.

Watch Stephanie's passionate speech about the GOP tax plan below:

Stay tuned for more information on how this progressive Congresswoman is fighting the GOP, one bill at a time.