Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy Has The Answers To National Security

The Florida representative is a defense specialist.

Stephanie Murphy is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She and her family immigrated to the United States when she was just one year old.

This experience inspired her to join the Department of Defense, working as a national security specialist in an effort to protect the country that rescued her family years ago.

As a former national security specialist and a current Congresswoman in Florida, Stephanie has a unique insight on the need to protect our country from foreign enemies and threats to public safety while still treating civilians and refugees in other countries with respect.

When it comes to foreign policy, Stephanie believes in working closely with our allies, especially NATO and Israel. She understands that we must use a strong and smart approach to destroy ISIS and protect America – not a reckless and rash one.

Watch Stephanie introduce her two bills to strengthen national security below:

Stay tuned for more information on how this patriotic Congresswoman is protecting Americans abroad and at home.