Clean Break: How To Say Goodbye To Your Ex For Good

Instagram / Laura Callaghan

Unfriend. Unfollow. Unlove.

Thanks to social media, breaking up is becoming more and more difficult to do.

While you may cut all physical ties with your ex, emotional and psychological ties linger online. The constant reminders of your former relationship endure virtually: that photo album of your vacation in Hawaii, that notification of your ex's upcoming birthday, and that friend request from your former boo's relative.

If you really want to have a clean break from your ex, you're going to have to cut him off both in person and online.

It takes a lot more than physically returning the box of stuff he left at your place. You have to remove him virtually as well.

Remove him from your social media.

That means you should unfriend or unfollow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other platforms. Better yet, go one step further and block him so you aren't tempted to check in during a moment of weakness — and so he can't creep on you either..

Remove any mutual friends if necessary.

If you're still seeing him pop up in your newsfeed thanks to your mutual friends' posts, consider unfollowing or unfriending them as well if you don't see yourself remaining close friends with them post-breakup.

Delete his contact information in your phone.

You should also delete him number from your phone. If you think you might need it in an emergency, consider asking a friend to keep it written down in a safe place for you.

Block him if you need to.

If your ex tries reaching out via text or starts leaving you voicemails, politely ask him not to contact you. If he refuses to respect your need for space, consider blocking his number completely. You should go a minimum of one month with no contact in order to give yourself enough time to start healing.

Only once you have removed all traces of your ex from your life will you be able to move on. Otherwise, the ghost of him will linger and you'll start replaying the highlight reel of the good times you had together.

Instead of moving on and focusing on the future, you will be stuck in the past reminiscing and pining for what once was.

By cutting all virtual ties, you stop your brain from holding onto misleading memories. Only then will you give yourself permission to find someone new.

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