Are The New 'Justice League' Amazon Warrior Costumes Too Sexy?

Fans are arguing that some of the film's outfits are both impractical and problematic.

When the Wonder Woman movie was released this past summer, women, girls, and feminists rushed to the theaters to see a strong female heroine on the big screen.

While fans were most likely equally excited to see Wonder Woman again in this fall's Justice League, many have been criticizing the new costume choices for Diana's fellow Amazonian warriors.

Some eagle-eyed critics were quick to point out the differences between the armor worn by the women of Themyscira in battle. The costumes in the female-directed Wonder Woman were well-researched and designed by a woman named Lindy Hemming. The Amazon women wore full-protective metal and leather outfits that covered their vital organs and resembled archaic sportswear.

Meanwhile, the costumes in the male-directed Justice League were designed by a man named Michael Wilkinson. The Amazon women wear noticeably skimpier outfits in batter, baring their midriffs, cleavage, and thighs.

Fans have take to social media to voice their concerns that the new costumes are both impractical and problematic, arguing that Justice League needlessly and overtly sexualized the Amazonian actresses:

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