Actually Asking "How Are You?" Will Get You A Raise

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Here's how to earn major respect in the workplace.

Getting a raise at work is easier than you think. But there's one key thing you're going to need first: respect.

If you're gunning for a promotion in the next couple months, try these tips with your boss and coworkers:

Ask "How are you?"

Something as simple as earnestly asking your coworkers and boss how they are will subconsciously score you major points.

Remember things about people.

Whether you remember that it's your boss's birthday or your coworker's kids' names, remembering small details lets everyone around you know that you actually pay attention and listen to them.

Always be prompt.

Don't be late for meetings — show up early. Respond to emails in a timely manner. And never miss an important deadline.

Seek out feedback.

Asking for help, advice, and feedback shows your coworkers and boss that you are always willing to learn how you can benefit the company. It shows you have the initiative to improve yourself and your work ethic.

Do your job well.

The easiest way to earn respect is to stop wasting all your time worrying about getting respect. Dedicate your time to doing your job well, and a raise will be sure to follow.

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