11 Ways To Tell You're A True New Orleans Girl

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Are you a true Who Dat girl?

It's no secret New Orleans women are some of the sweetest, cutest, down-to-earth girls in the county. After all, NOLA girls know how to dress and drink! Their Southern manners and carefree attitude make them some of the funnest people to be around.

We're counting down the top 11 things you'll only understand if you're a true Who Dat girl!

11. You and your girl friends end everything in "eaux."


You just can't help yourself, can yeaux?

10. You'd never date a Falcons fan.


Saints football is a religion. That would be a dating deal breaker!

9. You have at least one fleur de lis tattoo.


And a tangled pile of fleur de lis jewelry.

8. You can wear the same clothes in winter that you wear in summer.


What is this "cold" you speak of?

7. You own an oversized Saints jersey.


And you catch yourself shouting "Who Dat!" whenever you get excited.

6. Going to brunch with your gal pals is a religion.


DIY Bloody Marys at Atchafalaya, Benedict's over crab cakes at Stanley, and bottomless brunch at Salu are where it's at.

5. You didn’t know bars had closing times until you went out of town.


Girls night out at Bacchanal has the best wine and cheese.

4. Wearing rain boots is fashionably acceptable.


Heavy rain and flooding don't even faze you anymore.

3. Crawfish is one of your main food groups.


The others are po' boys and beignets. What girl has time for diets, anyways?

2. You love glitter more than the average girl.


Ke$ha has nothing on you and your gal pals.

1. You need an entire closet to store all your costumes.


From Mardi Gras to NOLAween, you've got endless festive outfits in your wardrobe.

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