7 Resume Red Flags And Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

The Devil Wears Prada via 20th Century Fox

Avoid these overlooked missteps if you want to get hired.

Applying to jobs takes a lot of work in and of itself, so it's easy to make mistakes on your resume.

Make sure you're not committing the following errors on your application if you want the best chance of getting hired:

1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

Typos and incorrect grammar are the most obvious sign you don't pay attention to detail. Recruiters will take note and assume you won't pay attention to detail on the job either.

2. A Bad File Name

Whether you save your resume as a Word doc, PDF, or other format, make sure you don't name it the generic "Resume." Even worse, don't name it "New Resume Draft 7." Keep it clean and polished by naming the file with your full name, the company name, and the job title you are applying for.

3. An Inappropriate Email Address

C00lCh!ck_1995 might have been your personal email since the fifth grade, but you need to get yourself a more professional sounding email address that incorporates your name. Either use your university email address or use a free site like gmail to create a work-friendly email name.

4. Gaps In Employment

While it's completely normal to have periods of time when you weren't employed, make sure you're making it clear on your resume that you were being productive and doing important things with your time in those periods.

5. Unnecessary Information

You don't have to list every last skill, job, and accomplishment for the last 10 years. Tailor your words to the job at-hand with only the most relevant information.

6. Vague Descriptions

It doesn't tell a recruiter much when you say something generic like, "hard worker who is adaptable and manages time well." Make sure you are highlighting your contributions to past jobs with concrete numbers and examples.

7. Job Hopping

If you've held a lot of short-term jobs, you could be unintentionally telling a recruiter that you won't be at their company for long and therefore aren't worth the investment. Only keep short-term jobs on your resume if they are really relevant to the position you are applying for, and make sure you let the recruiter know you still contributed a lot of value in a short amount of time.