7 Reasons Introverts Actually Make The Best Leaders


You value meaningful connections over a stack of business cards.

When most people think of great leaders, they think of charismatic and outgoing personalities. But Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and J.K. Rowling are just a few of the world's successful introverted leaders.

While extroverts often rise to the top of their fields, they could learn a lot from their introverted colleagues. In fact, introverts are more inclined to be excellent managers.

If you're an introvert, here's why you might actually make a better leader than an extrovert:

1. You know when to talk and when to listen.


Extroverts can talk your ear off for hours, especially about themselves. They often only listen to reply, not to understand. Introverts, meanwhile, are excellent listeners and make their colleagues feel much more understood and that their ideas are being heard.

2. You know that alone time helps restore your energy.


Even the most extroverted of leaders need downtime, but introverts are more likely to indulge in some R&R. You're not afraid of solitude because it gives you time to think, plan, and research to your heart's content.

3. You’re humble.


The best leaders embody humility. Introverts are great leaders because they are more likely to empower their followers to grow and become leaders themselves. Extroverts often subconsciously perceive others as a threat to their leadership and inadvertently end up stifling their growth.

4. You’re calm and collected under pressure.


Introverts don't let the stresses of their job give them anxiety. They lead by example and remain confident under pressure — reassuring their colleagues and focusing on problem solving in a much more efficient way.

5. You’re an excellent writer.

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It's no secret that extroverts have the gift of gab. While introverted leaders are great speakers when the occasion calls for it, their real forte is writing. Writing helps introverts better articulate their thoughts and really get their point across.

6. You focus on the present and are always prepared.


An introverted leader is able to be adaptable and go with the flow because they are always prepared. They always think before they act and like to be as informed as possible before making big decisions.

7. You value meaningful connections over a stack of business cards.

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While extroverts might be the life of the party and social butterflies, introverts prefer one-on-one connections. This allows them to have deeper conversations while networking and more long-lasting business relationships.