7 Habits Of The Best Coworkers Out There, As Told By "Parks and Rec"

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Improve your work relationships with these Leslie Knope-approved tips.

Whether you work for a small startup or a large corporation, being a good coworker is important. Sometimes the pressure of deadlines and promotions can get in the way of employees behaving respectfully around each other. Consider these six tips to improve your work relationships.

You'll be Employee of the Month in no time!

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Give credit where it's due.


Thank your coworkers when the help you with a project and acknowledge their achievements.

Don't gossip.

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Small talk with coworkers is more than fine, but avoid spreading rumors or prying too much into other people's personal lives.

Don't be obnoxious.

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Keep your phone on silent, don't play music so loud it can be heard through your headphones, and don't talk too loudly.

Keep the office clean.

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Pick up after yourself, whether it's the break room, the lunch area, the restroom, or your own deak.

Respect everyone's time.

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Be early to meetings, be prompt with conference calls, and always respond to emails as soon as possible.

Be a team player.

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Offer to help your coworkers if they are struggling with a deadline and take the initiative to offer your expertise when you have some downtime.

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