6 Feminist New Year’s Resolutions Every Man Should Make

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New year, new gender norms!

Let's make 2021 the year of equality.

If all men vowed to keep these 6 feminist New Year's resolutions, the world would be a better place — not just for women, but for everyone.

1. Stop cat-calling women in the street.


By and large, women do not like being harassed or hit on by complete strangers in public. It's rude and offensive — end of story.

2. Start being aware of your male privilege.


The first step to gender equality is for men to acknowledge their privilege. In order to truly empower women, men need to play a role in minimizing the patriarchal norms they benefit from and alter any behavior that unknowingly perpetuates it.

3. Stop making sexist jokes.


While it all might be in good fun, joking about women making you a sandwich or not being able to drive well gets old and annoying, to say the least.

4. Start looking out for the females in your life.


Taking a moment to reflect on how you can help your female friends and loved ones is a great way to make a difference. Whether it's keeping them safe by walking them home late at night or standing up for them if they're being harassed, try to put yourselves in their shoes and empathize with them.

5. Stop perpetuating rape culture.


From victim blaming to insensitive jokes about sexual assault, rape culture continues to be perpetuated in society. Being sensitive to the constant threat, fear, and shame that many women feel regarding rape is crucial to beating patriarchy and sexism.

6. Start calling yourself a feminist.


Feminism is not a dirty word. It simply means a desire for equality between men and women. Men should be proud to call themselves feminists and be champions of gender equality because it benefits everyone.

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