15 Random Thoughts All Women Have Had When They Can't Fall Asleep


"Why aren't there nutrition labels on wine bottles?"

There's nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep when you want. Even if you're tired or you're foggy headed, you just can't seem to shut your brain off.

When a woman's mind begins to wander, there's no telling where it will take her. Here are 15 random thoughts all women have had when they can't fall asleep:

1. I probably shouldn't have ordered that Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte after all.


2. What the hell was that noise?

3. I wonder what my coworkers think of me when they look at my Instagram.

4. I am so hungry… Why do fridges have lights if we're not supposed to eat after 6pm?

5. Oh crap, I forgot to DVR Pretty Little Liars.


6. Wait, WHAT just happened on This Is Us?

7. I should probably check my phone. My last tweet was on point.

8. Holy shit, Donald Trump is President.


9. I just really miss being able to shop at Limited Too.

10. Maybe I should stalk my ex's Facebook to see if he got fat.

11. I wonder what Chrissy Teigen is doing at this very moment.

12. I bet Channing Tatum would be so good in bed.


13. Why did no one ever teach me how to do my taxes?

14. How does ink come out of pens?

15. Why aren't there nutrition labels on wine bottles?


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